Area of Operation:

Leash Leader is based out of Framingham, MA. Leash Leader provides regular, day to day, service to Framingham, Natick, Wayland, Marlborough (within routes 20 & 85), Southborough (within route 495), Ashland, and Sudbury. Leash Leader also provides FREE pick-up and drop-off service for Overnight In-Home Boarding within most of these areas.

Leash Leader provides Overnight In-Home Boarding to anyone, regardless of residential location, which can incur additional Transportation Fees for pick-up and drop-off. Pick-up and drop-off may also be, and often is, provided and scheduled by the client for those who live outside Leash Leader’s Area of Operation.


Leash Leader provides and requires FREE in-home Consultations to better understand your wants as a client and your pet’s needs. Leash Leader representatives will bring you through a structured checklist so we can better understand everything necessary for your pet’s care and service. Among many specifics reviewed, it is paramount for Leash Leader to confirm specific vaccination records for any pet(s) that will partake in socially oriented services.

Service Agreements:

Signed Service Agreements are required from all clients no matter the brevity of service. Service Agreements will be explained and reviewed during Consultations before any services may be rendered. Service Agreements are for your protection as well as Leash Leader’s.

Services and Reservations:

All services and scheduling is subject to availability and provided or rejected at the discretion of Leash Leader. It is recommended that you try and schedule service as far in advance as possible, particularly surrounding Leash Leader Holidays (Christmas (December 24th – 26th), New Year’s (December 30th – January 1st), Easter Weekend, Memorial Day Weekend, Independence Day (Weekend if applicable), Labor Day Weekend, and Thanksgiving (Weds-Fri)). Once dates/times for desired service are provided, Leash Leader will generate a formal Estimate to be sent to you by email. To confirm your pet’s reservation with Leash Leader, we ask for a %50 non-refundable deposit.


For consistently scheduled service, you will receive a formal Invoice via email at the weekly conclusion of our billing period; every Friday. Payment is due by the following Wednesday. For infrequent services, deposits will be made with the remaining balance paid after services are rendered. Payments may be made in cash, by check, or by credit card through the website. Late payment may result in discontinued service. Payments resulting in bounced checks will incur an additional $40 fee and need to be paid entirely in cash, or by specific arrangement. As always, feel free to CONTACT Leash Leader with any concerns.


To avoid a $10 Late Cancellation Fee you must cancel regularly scheduled service before 5:00PM the day prior to scheduled service. If Leash Leader arrives to provide service and is unable to perform said service due to client negligence, then the scheduled service’s full fee will be applied. For Infrequent Services/Reservations with Leash Leader, if cancellations are made, there is a 50% charge applied for each fee and/or service to your billing total.


Keys to enter your residence must be provided by you, the client. Your key will have no demarcation or pertinent information on it other than your pet’s name. Your key and personal information will never be kept in the same place. Security systems and safety alarms must be explained and demonstrated during Consultations. Leash Leader will consider entry through garages with electronic key pads, but in the case of emergency, Leash Leader prefers to have a key on file. If you or anyone else is ever locked out of your residence, Leash Leader will be there to help! A valid ID will be required by anyone designated to be allowed inside the residence. If you ever wish to discontinue service, your key will be returned promptly.