Doggie Day Care

$33 for your dog to spend the day with Leash Leader. Additional dogs – $22 Each

This service allows your dog to receive a more comprehensive experience with Leash Leader. Your dog will be picked up between 9-10:00AM and returned between 3-5:00PM. Your dog will be treated as a member of the team by going on several Walks and traveling to multiple appointments. This service is particularly beneficial for high-energy dogs, or those dogs wanting a greater level of socialization. If there is ‘downtime’ during the day, it is not unusual for your dog to get to spend some time at your Leash Leader representative’s home and receive some relaxation, treats and extra love. Your dog will come home more relaxed and ready to give you extra love.

How much exercise does your dog need? The MSPCA posted a great article on this (doggie exercise amounts), I recommend you take a look.

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