Dog Walking

Walk – $17 for a Walk no shorter than 20-25 minutes in a local park. Additional dogs – $12 Each

Your dog will be picked-up from your home and walked in a local park with a pack of other dogs. The duration of your dog’s walk will be no less than 20-25 minutes. You are not paying for the transportation time, just the consistent term of service in the park. The temperament of the pack with which your dog will be walked will be appropriately perceived and fit to your dog’s personality and demeanor. In the park, your dog receives the benefits of exploring a location outside his or her ordinary routine while being exercised, socialized and exposed to new scents, environments and encounters. Pack size for Walks is limited to no more than five dogs per Walk, but generally consists of only three or four dogs. Specific timing of your dog’s walk is subject to temperament of your dog and location of your home.


Solo-Walks – $22 for your dog to be walked alone in your local neighborhood for a duration of 20 minutes.

This walking option may be more applicable to your dog if he or she doesn’t have the ability or capability to be walked amongst other dogs. Some of these concerns may include, but are not limited to: lack of vaccination compliance (possibly due to age or health restrictions), temperament amongst other dogs or owner’s personal desires. Solo Walks allow your dog to feel comfortable in their natural setting while still enjoying the one on one attention they deserve.


Let’s Run! – $25 for your dog to be run for 20 minutes either locally or in a park.

Do you have an athletic or high-energy breed that needs to be run as part of their daily routine? This service is subject to schedule availability and location. Let’s Run will provide a 2 – 3 mile run to get some of that extra energy out while you are away so they are calm and ready when you come home.

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