Dog Boarding

Overnight In-Home Boarding – $50 for your dog to spend the night at the home of a Leash Leader representative. Additional dogs – $40 Each Your dog will enjoy a home away from home by spending the night, or an extended term of service in the care of a Leash Leader representative. In this fashion, your dog will be treated as a member of the family. Leash Leader does not take more than three dogs into our homes for extended terms of service. By limiting our boarding numbers we provide a high level of safety, comfort and care for our Boarders. Leash Leader tries to recreate the living conditions in your home as best as reasonably possible while your dog is with us. Leash Leader possesses crates, ‘beds’, bowls and toys. Crates are only used if you use them at home and wish us to do the same, or if any of the dogs need some time on their own. Of course, you are welcome to provide us with any creature comforts your dog may enjoy.You will provide food, medication and any other specifics to their eating regimen that your pet may need. Your dog must have reasonable level of hygiene when service is initiated with Leash Leader. If your dog is deemed to not meet this level, grooming will be initiated for which you will be financially responsible. For extended Boarding service (multiple nights) with Leash Leader, your dog will be treated as a member of the Leash Leader team during the day, often partaking in regularly scheduled walks and activities.Overnight In-Home Boarding begins at 4-5:00PM the first night of service and concludes at 9-10:00AM the morning following the last night of scheduled service. As with all of our services, additional provisions may be scheduled on either end of our standard Overnight In-Home Boarding. Your dog will enjoy the vacation of his or her dreams while you are enjoying the vacation of yours…or you’re just away on business. Inquire Today!