Meet The Team

Grant Van Ranst

Grant Van Ranst

My name is Grant Van Ranst. I am the founder and owner of Leash Leader Inc. I set out to create a professional pet services company with structure and reliability for our clients, while centering on care, safety and excellent service for our Pack Members.

Five years ago, on a quest for more space, I moved from Boston to Framingham with my wife and our dog, Toby. Toby is a Boxer-Mix, and is partially responsible for bringing my fiancée (now wife) and me together. A change in scenery and lifestyle also brought about a desire for more from my job. Working as an EMT was rewarding, but I’d always had an entrepreneurial itch. It was at this point where I chose to create something about which I was truly passionate. With some hard work and support from friends and family, Leash Leader was born in March of 2012.

Since I could crawl, I’ve had furry brothers and sisters of all kinds. I love animals and particularly the bonds that canine relationships provide. Supporting and properly responding to different behaviors and situations is at the core of my expertise.

I love what I do and the company I have built. Leash Leader provides everything that I would expect for my own dog. I am happy and excited to bring Leash Leader to our community.