Weekend Boarding with Leash Leader in Framingham

Leash Leader is open 365 days a year. Always available on the weekends, we get a mix of Boarders and pups participating in Doggy Daycare. Dory is one of our newer pack members, but she works hard on our walks and is getting used to social time with the other pups. Tootsie may be small in stature, but she has plenty of gusto. Check out her profile and you can see she loves running through ponds, with large dogs, and as you can see, enticing other dogs to play. Toby and Lucy make appearances towards the end of the video, but its really these other pups that steal the show. All these dogs go on multiple Walks and plenty of excursions throughout the day. Tootsie is just one of our younger members that has an endless reserve of energy.