Sunny Day Doggy Play

Suns out, snow’s still out, but these pups won’t stop. Lucy has always been a high energy rambunctious choco Lab, and as part of that, she will entice any other dog in the pack to play that is willing. Except in this dynamic, lil Daisy thinks she’s as big as a tank and take the play to Lucy. Bauer, Daisy’s big brother is only interested in playing with Daisy, so Daisy is fighting a battle on two fronts but only paying attention to one. Gunner on the other hand is fairly new to the pack. He is a Beagle that is concerned with investigating his surrounding and looking for treasures of interest. Gunner has a soft coat and a personality to go with it. Lucy is off-leash, but is very responsive to being called. Should her attention to her pack leader get away from her, you can see the tail of her electric collar dangling off her neck. Her pack leader holds the remote that triggers the stimulation. It is not used as a punishment, but reasserts her attention to her leader.

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