Southborough Doggie Daycare and Dog Walk

All these dogs are spending the day with Leash Leader for Doggie Daycare. Bella started her service as early as 6AM and Cooper was picked up from his home and transported to Southborough along with Bella to meet up with Noodle and Pudding for the morning’s first Walk through the woods. Noodle and pudding are regulars with Leash Leader and are almost always off-leash. They also have radio collars to recall their attention if necessary. Bella and Cooper are young pups that haven’t had too much pack leash work, and thus, often pull and run around like crazies. The woodland trails of Southborough’s conservation lands provide a more natural environment with many scents and smells that these dogs wouldn’t experience in their local neighborhoods. If possible, Leash Leader prefers to bring packs to less traveled areas for more focused walks and less detritus.