Rainy Doggy Daycare in Framingham

Everyone is ready for Spring. Even if there is still snow on the ground and rain in the cold air, these pups are going to romp and play no matter what. We are out and about at MaComber Farms in Framingham. On the Walk leading into the woods for a connection of windy trails, there is large open field where dogs focus a little more on playtime rather than sniffing and investigating the environment. Roscoe is a young pup that was fairly recently adopted by his new family. He has plenty of energy and while he is with Leash Leader, he can positively focus this energy through play, socilaization and exercise. Lucy, his playmate has been with Leash Leader since she was a small pup and as you can see, she seems to have springs in her legs. Papa is content to take a back seat and watch the action. Snickers has his first stint with Leash Leader as an Overnight Boarder. This may be a bit to much energy for him right now, but back in the vehicle or at home, he makes sure his presence is known.