Rainy Dog Walk in the Woods

This week was certainly a wet one, but that didn’t stop our Leash Leader pack members from enjoying the great outdoors. Harvey, Kensie, Bella and Romeo are all participating in a walk. Romeo and Bella in particular have lots of extra energy to burn off, a walk in the middle of the day gives them a chance to release some of that energy and to relieve themselves. Bella isn’t a huge fan of the cold or rain but she tromps right along on this walk even took some time to play in the puddles afterword. Harvey and Kensie happily trot along with the group. Kensie is also not a huge fan of the rain but she very much enjoys spending time with her furry comrades. Papa, who is also featured in this video, is participating in doggy daycare. He will spend the whole day accompanying his Leash Leader operative on multiple walks and if there is any down time will come back to his pack leader’s home and spend time relaxing.