Playtime after their Lunch Break

Dogs: Harvey, Henry

After a full mornign of Walks, we have swung home so Henry can have his lunch. Henry is brand new to Leash Leader, and as you can see, he has a motor on him. Harvey is currently Boarding with Leash Leader, this means that he gets to participate in all our daily Walks and appointments. Harvey has great patience as Henry tests his limits. You can see that they both spend time laying on the floor, and being very gentle. Once, Henry tries to mount Harvey. This is simply for dominance. The behavior is quickly corrected. There are two outcomes to this interdiction: one, it confronts Henry’s will for dominance and it’s display, and two, it reassures Harvey that he doesn’t need to shoulder the responsibility of arranging any sort of pack order because his Alpha, me, is taking care of it.

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