Luna G pounces on…Luna during In-Home Boarding

You can see the two stars of this video or Luna and Luna G. Luna is the darker of the two. She is a not-so-long-ago puppy herself. Her playful yet more composed demeanor is a perfect fit for Luna G. Luna G is new to the pack. She is a young Golden Doodle pup. You can see that she pounces on the face and body of Luna without much regard for Luna’s body language. Some older dogs might take this as a slight of respect and react unfavorably. Luna is still enough of a pup herself that she gladly welcomes this sort of play. Reggie, the patient Chocolate Lab sitting closer to the camera, listens well to his pack leader’s direction to let the other two have this moment. Reggie also started with us as a pup, but he was a bit bigger. Reggie also went through many of these same play styles. Reggie used to stick his face wherever he pleased regardless of other dogs’ demeanor’s. He has since matured and knows when and how to play appropriately.