Group dog walk in Framingham

Spring has finally sprung and our pack members are enjoying the luxuries of green grass, blooming flowers, and chirping birds. Here, featured in this video, Jessie and Gracie, the two springer spaniels, are boarding with Leash Leader. These two energetic pups enjoy the company of their fellow pack members, as well as, love to sniff and explore their surroundings . Their short tails are almost always wiggling with excitement. One of the many benefits that your dog will enjoy when boarding with Leash Leader is the adventure of going on multiple walks throughout the days with many of the other regular scheduled walks with other pack members. The two smaller white dogs, Papa and Henri, and the black medium sized dog Roscoe are all partaking in Doggy Daycare and after this walk they will also continue on with their Pack Leader to the other walks throughout the day. Sydney, the sandy colored pup, will head home after this stroll in the park.