Fun, exercise, and socialization in Southborough

What an awesome group on an awesome day. This is Frankie’s first time truly running with the big dogs. He has spirit, energy and athletecism to keep up with anyone. You can see that the dogs have almost paired off into play-partners. It has been a little while since Toby and Lucy last saw each other, and as such, they can’t stop chewing and taking turns to flip over and let the other direct the energy. Frankie and Sadie are both about one year old, and are a little more chaotic in their pursuit. Both are friendly and feed off each other’s energy. This is Frankie’s first time off leash. He has been alowed to do so because of his excellent response to direction and avid willingness to conform to the pack mentality. Keep looking for more videos of Frankie and his determination to play all day long.