Doggy Daycare in the Framingham Snow is the BEST

Such a GREAT video. Milo is the star in today’s video. We have finally had temperatures that break thirty degrees, yet we still have plenty of snow in which to play. It’s like a ball pit for the pups. Now, Milo may have the perfect long-legged build and coat for this type of play, but that won’t hold the others back. These pups are participating in Doggy Daycare out of Framingham with Leash Leader. We are currently between walks back at our home base for a little play, and presumably relaxation, but that may not be on today’s docket. These pups are socialized, exercised and provided many chances to relieve themselves when participating in Doggy Daycare. We will next be traveling to Natick and then back across Framingham to Soutborough.