Dog Walking in Wayland

Dogs: Max C, Dory

These pups are walking in one of the Wildlife Reserves in Wayland. Max is a relatively new member to our pack, so we are introducing him with some younger pups, female dogs, and generally submissive dogs. Sometimes Axl, the black and white puppy, can be a little overbearing. Like any puppy he wants to test his boundaries, either physically or socially, but none of this threatens Max. Dory has been with us for quite a while now. She started as a very timid pack member. She was shy around other dogs and would nervously pant. Now, she generally roams off leash and even plays with some of her favorites. The exercise, relief, and new environments that these dogs all experience is half of what we provide. The other half is the benefits that come from the heavy doses of socialization that our pack members experience.