Dog Walk and Doggy Daycare in Southborough

Lulu is joining some of the regulars for Doggy Daycare that will flow into Boarding with Leash Leader. This pups are out and about in Southborough for a morning Walk. This pack is comprised of dogs that can all comfortably be off leash. The benefits of Doggy Daycare and Boarding is that your pet participates in multiple Walks and appointments throughout the day and is treated as a member of the team. They are always with a Leash Leader operator. Willie and Kalah are being Walked with Leash Leader. They are picked up from their home and brought to a local park for socialization, exercise and relief. This video was shot during the brief pick-up at a home, but trails have been carved where the pups can have a quick romp. As you can see, Milo doesn’t mind crashing through the snow, but Willie is hot on his tail, no matter his stature.