Beautiful Day for a Dog Walk by the Water

One of the many benefits of your pet joining a Leash Leader pack walk is that they will have an opportunity to adventure out with other packs members to many of the beautiful parks in the Framingham area. Bauer, Daisy, and Gunner all are all part of  the daily walk schedule. Papa, however, partakes in daily doggy daycare. This group is a very curious playful group. They are always interested in their surroundings. Daisy and Bauer are particularly playful especially with each other ( they are siblings after all). Daisy has a fond love for sticks and chasing leaves, while Bauer has a fond love of chasing Daisy. Gunner loves to sniff and really take in his surroundings with his powerful sense of smell. Papa likes a little bit of play mixed with a little bit of sniffing but mostly loves to just trot along with the rest of the pack.

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